We have 2 sites : the headquarter, in the department of Jura in a town named Val Suran.
Our commercial, engineering and logistics headquarters are located in the department of Ain, near Bourg-en-Bresse.

Upeca - Ingenierie mécanique

Commercial and engineering headquarters

An empathetic and innovative team dedicated to our customers, focused on proposing and developing the best solutions.

Manufacturing site

Our experienced and versatile production team is able to provide small, medium, or large series from a range of several hundred references.

Logistics platform

With a capacity of several hundred pallets in stock, we are able to serve our customers as soon as possible.

Test laboratory

We have well-equipped laboratories dedicated to the testing and qualification of electrical equipment and accessories, ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

Training area

We have a demonstration facility to put our products into situation, to demonstrate their ease of use and relevance in real-world scenarios.

Stainless steel strap processing machine

Here is an example of our means of  production. We develop and maintain our own machines, specially designed and adapted to our manufacturing processes.